Bohemian Jewelry for Outstanding Women 

About La Tzigane

Lovingly Handmade

You want to stand out, but for all the right reasons. You love when your great taste is recognized, and people ask “Where did you GET THAT?!?”, and you’re especially fond of not wearing what everyone else does, but still fitting in.

I totally get you, because I’m exactly the same way, and that is what spurred my love of creating beautifully unique, and colourfully eye-catching boho-inspired adornments. Well, that, and both of my stylish, talented grandmothers. Though they could not have been more different, one being a huge fan of kaftans, jingly arm parties & giant gemstone rings on every finger, and the other into minimal, classic lines, with the occasional pop of well-placed bling; they both carried themselves with such poise and confidence in their personal style, so effortlessly put together, they couldn’t help but be noticed.

And that’s a good feeling. The type of feeling I’d like you to have when you’re wearing my pieces, which I carefully engineer with great attention to detail and technique, tied in with my own sense of colour.
I have such a passion for creating, I can’t not do it. I’ve mastered a few skills in my over 30 years of making, but I’m always drawn back to my first love: Beads. The myriad colours, materials, shapes and sizes they come in make them such a pleasant medium to play with, I just never get bored! I also love that the finished results can run the gamut of simple, chic, rustic, sleek, bold, and funky, but somehow, always elegant.

Come in, grab a drink, sit for a spell, and let me share my beautiful creations with you!